I’m so excited you’ve decided to drop by to visit. My book, Song of the Blackbird will be coming out soon and I want to share with you the reason I chose the blackbird as a key symbol in my novel. I’ve always been fascinated by the sky and how free and liberating it must feel to soar above the clouds and gaze down on the beautiful scenery below. During summertime as a child, I used to lie in the grass and watch the clouds float by and imagine myself as one of the birds gliding through the air. I pictured myself as an eagle or a falcon, proud and free, ready to conquer the world.

The setting of my book is a state prison where inmates are bound not only by locked gates and fences but also by strict rules and regulations. Their daily schedules are regimented, often down to the exact hour and minute. I wondered to myself what it was like to be imprisoned in such a way, to have your every course of action dictated by another. Freedom must seem very far away when your sentence is long and when you’re surrounded by nothing but wired fences and watch towers with armed guards. Your link to society is through letters or phone calls or if you’re lucky, occasional face-to-face visits with your loved ones.

Yet inmates also have what we all have. The ability to look up and marvel at the vast expanse of the universe. To watch the sun rise and set and to gaze at the occasional bird soaring through the air. Even in solitary confinement, prisoners get a small amount of time each day to go outside and soak in the sun, to breathe in some fresh air and reconnect with nature. Freedom is but a breath away.

For the characters in my novel, the blackbird represents this ability to escape, to break away, to fly free and rise above the grim circumstances of their daily lives. We all need this connection with nature now and then. For me, watching a bird fly reminds me of the beauty of life and the joy of freedom.

Have you ever faced a hard situation in life where you turned to nature for solace? What animal would represent your personality or dreams or aspirations best? I would love to hear your comments. Please post them back.



My recent trip to Kauai. Great view of the sky.

  1. Congrats! I enjoyed your synopsis and I love your book cover. I can relate because I am totally addicted to watching the DC eagle Cam. (guardedly) The last Eagle cam I watched in VA, the 3 chicks were almost grown and their mother was killed by a plane. Devastating!

    • Hi Renee, thanks for sharing your thoughts and for liking my book cover and synopsis. I’m so excited about the upcoming release of my book and hope you will enjoy reading it. Thanks for letting me know about the DC eagle Cam. I haven’t looked into it until now but just checked it out. Amazing that two just hatched!

  2. Mostly I pray when I am seeking solace. Also listen to music, I love violin and flute, and certain Christian music. I love lying in lush, sweet smelling grass and looking up at the sky and watching the clouds puff by on a sunny day for solace. I like taking pictures from that “angle,” too, lying down, looking up.

    • Hi Rosie, I love listening to music to relax me too and I like how you describe lying in the grass. It brings the perfect picture to my mind of how delightful that would be. I tried to include this element of peace and freedom in my book cover. Hope you liked it!

  3. oh wow, I didn’t read your whole post until after my comment. I’m totally in awe you also liked to lie in the grass and look up as a child – more people should try it – as an adult!

    • Thanks Natalie! I hope you will enjoy reading my book when it comes out. It should be coming out really soon and I’m so excited about the upcoming release. I will be doing more promotions to release it so please check back on my website frequently for updates.

  4. Interesting subject. I think I will enjoy the themes in this book from what I can tell. I think this could be a hard subject to tackle, so thanks for your bravery in doing so.

  5. Hi Melly,

    I’m glad you like the themes of my book. No matter what socioeconomic status we are from or our life circumstances, I believe at our core, we are all humans searching for love, respect, and validation. Hope you read my book when it comes out and let me know what you think.


  6. I live in Northern Alberta, Canada. Here watching nature isn’t so much a past time as a way of life, but it wash’t always like that for me. I grew up in London, England. As a child I watched birds and wished I could fly. I wanted to experience the freedom of movement, to glide on the wind. I still do.

    • HI Nikolina, everyone has a different way of dealing with stress. I hope you find whatever way works for you. Check out how my main character, Emma Edwards deals with it in my book Song of the Blackbird, available now on preorder. Emma has to try to keep her brother alive in prison until he’s freed. Hope you enjoy the read.



  7. I take frequent walks outside when need to contemplate things or just freshen my mind. It’s great to be able to escape work and get out in the fresh air to clear my mind and focus better.

  8. Oh I too used to look to the sky growing up and watching the birds soar! I always thought about being a seagull flying over the ocean and soaring high. I seems to peaceful when going through hard times.

    • Thanks Dario! I hope you enjoy reading Song of the Blackbird when it comes out June 21. Please let me know what you think of it. I love hearing from my readers.


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