WELCOME! You’ve reached the home of DB MICHAELS, author of Song of the Blackbird, first in the Albatross Prison Series. I write intense, emotional stories about love, hope, and second chances. Song of the Blackbird was a finalist in the Orange Rose RWA Contest as well as the Virginia RWA Fool for Love contest in 2015. I’m also a doctor who works with the underserved and most of my books will have some elements of the fascinating world of medicine. If you enjoy books that tug at your heartstrings, you’ve come to the right place!

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Check out these great reviews of Song of the Blackbird:

“Debut novelist Michaels, a doctor herself, brings verve and veracity to this smooth-flowing hybrid romance/suspense tale. Emma’s clinic scenes, which showcase both prisoners’ manipulations and their mitigating circumstances, are particularly realistic and resonant. Michaels also weaves in lovely, literary through-lines . . . a captivating story overall.” 

–Kirkus Reviews  Click here for full review.

“There are plenty of romances on the market and plenty of novels about prison experiences; but combining the two under one cover in a prison romance is a different approach, indeed, and so Song of the Blackbird provides a powerful saga of the unexpected.”

–D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review  Click here for full review.

“With compelling characters, a unique setting and a sweet love story, Michaels introduces her debut series, Albatross Prison. The characters are skillfully crafted, drawing readers in with their opposing opinions, belief in their actions and strong familial values . . . this is a gratifying tale of forgiveness, compromise and love.” Click here for full review.

–Romantic Times Review Source

“Song of the Blackbird was an amazing and touching story and in quite a few parts, I definitely had my heartstrings tugged…very intense and you may if you tend to cry in books – find yourself in parts tearing up as I did as it is quite full-on.”
– Paula Phillips from The Phantom Paragrapher

“So let me tell you about this wonderful debut novel: Song of the Blackbird is nothing but stunning. I have loved this book and for sure you haven’t read anything like it…”
– Marta Pascual Perez from The Somewhere Library

“Song of the Blackbird by DB Michaels is an captivating Women’s fiction/Contemporary Romance. #1 in her Debut “Albatross Prison” Series. What an amazing debut novel. Ms. Michaels managed to draw readers into this captivating tale of a Prison Doctor, the conditions of prison and the trials of finding love within the prison walls.”
– April R from My Book Addictions and More

“This dark, often cinematic novel has emotional bite…”

–The BookLife Prize in Fiction.